Me and my aphasia – poem by Massell I. Smith

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Aphasia! A time of frightening darkness
Yet in this darkness, I have found myself,
Where an interesting new life has open to me
And inspiration has shown, honest friendship is real

Aphasia! You spark determination and humility
Awake my soul to the wonders of life
From the glory of the sunset, to the fresh morning dew
The unique experience of being alive

Aphasia! What crowded mind, unscrambled thoughts
The future looks grim, uncertainty sets in
But the intelligent mind refuses to cave in
So the struggles go on day after day
As courage endure and inner strength shines through

Aphasia! Never stop learning as babies do
Laughter’s fill the room
As funny gestures and sounds act out words in my head
Elated I stand! Joyful sounds and cheers can be heard all around
As successfully my challenges are met

Aphasia! One message is clear
Experiences in giving, is pure and a delightful joy
Receiving is equal and a blessing from above
So thanks, Is forever spoken by these lips
It’s the love and caring
Sent from the heart
And the smiles that shine through
The receiving heart

Aphasia! Humiliation you bring
My eyes are red, my cheeks are wet
Angry works burst forth as tears flow
Why should I be ashamed?
I never asked for your coming
Yet you are here to stay
But my stubborn will, restored self confidence
Invisible though you are
Our lives are intertwine as long has I live

Me and my Aphasia.


(Poem by Massell I. Smith, as cited in Shadden, Barbara B., et al. Neurogenic Communication Disorders : Life Stories and the Narrative Self, Plural Publishing, Inc., 2008.)

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