månadsarkiv: juni 2016

Aphasia Awareness Month #AphasiaAwareness

AphasiaAwareness from kidscures.orgJune is the Aphasia Awareness Month. The aim is to share information and stories about aphasia, to raise awareness about this acquired communication disorder. In Sweden, some 10,000 people get aphasia each year, and the most common cause is stroke.

A campaign that caught my attention is ”Finding Words” at the Faces of Aphasia website. It aims to show how diverse the group is. Anyone can get aphasia, at any age! Read more, and see all the faces, at facesofaphasia.com

Read more about aphasia

In Swedish: www.afasi.se (Afasiförbundet)

In English: www.aphasia.org (National Aphasia Association, US)

My earlier posts about aphasia (in Swedish and in English): http://blogg.hh.se/aphasia-online/category/afasi-aphasia/


(Picture abocve from http://kidscures.org/june-is-aphasia-awareness/)