månadsarkiv: augusti 2020

New book on identity narratives – including my chapter on #aphasia!

I proudly present: my first published book chapter!

I was very happy to be invited to contribute with a chapter to the book ”Identity Construction and Illness Narratives in Persons with Disabilities” edited by Chalotte Glintborg, Manuel L. de la Mata. And now, the book is published!

My (well, to be honest, Malin Hallén and Åsa Wengelin are co-authors) chapter is called ”Stories of self when living with aphasia in a digitalized society” and it is based on my PhD thesis about aphasia and narrative agency. More specifically, the chapter is about Rosa – a young woman living with aphasia and her identity re-negotiation. Is she the same as she was before her stroke, or not?

Want to know more, read the abstract or maybe order the book? Here it is: