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Second day of the @IARC2016 #aphasia conference

Another great day at the IARC aphasia conference! Two keynote speakers, eight platform talks, four lightning talks and twenty two posters – including mine. Thank you, all, for coming to chat about issues of online identity! I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Two very brief thoughts: 1) I can’t wait to read the upcoming systematic review by Caroline Baker et al, on depression in aphasia. 2) It was great hearing Madeleine Cruice talk about quality of life in aphasia and the potentially very positive impact of speech and language therapists. Since my project is taking place within the setting of ”Health and lifestyle”, her research is highly relevant (since identity issues are important for quality of life, and since quality of life is an important part of health). 

BBC News tells a story about aphasia

BBC News has published an article about Graham Pawley, who suffers from post-stroke aphasia. He ”is an unusual case in that he can understand everything but say virtually nothing back. He has to get by with ”yes” and ”no”.”

Paul Webley (left) and Graham Pawley - photo by Ed Ram, BBC News

Graham Pawley (to the right) is the man who can only say yes and no – photo by Ed Ram, BBC News

In the article we get to know Graham and his dreams about the future. The important difference between being able to say ”yes” and ”no” on one hand, and not being able to say anything else on the other hand, becomes very clear to me when reading about Graham.

Read the entire article here!