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Students were awarded diploma for best project in the design studio

Third year students Anna Sonesson, Anna Rosén and Johanna Levall in the Digital Design and Innovation programme were awarded diploma for best project in the final design studio themed sustainability. The diploma is awarded by Hemsida 24.

Anna Sonesson, Anna Rosén, Johanna Levall

Anna Sonesson, Anna Rosén, Johanna Levall

The motivation reads: The project is thoroughly carried out with a carefully completed preliminary study that leads to an exciting concept, incorporating gamification in the health context. Several of the incorporated game elements have an excellent potential to motivate and engage users into physical activity, supporting both social and socio-economic sustainability.

PhD Defense – Susanne Lindberg

The PhD defense of Susanne Lindberg will be held on April 10th, 13:00-15.30 in Wigforss.
Title of the thesis: Ethics of User Involvement in Sensitive Design Situations
Opponent: Maja van der Velden, associate Professor at University of Oslo

Susanne Lindberg

Foto: Joachim Brink

Summary: While this era of digital technology brings great possibilities for improving the lives of many people with digital healthcare services, the design of these services in turn present challenges that are ethical in nature. Participatory Design (PD) values user involvement in design from a democratic, empowerment and ethical perspective. However, the design of digital healthcare services constitutes sensitive design situations, that is, situations that have the potential to negatively impact the participants. As a consequence, participation in these design situations involves risks, causing ethical dilemmas. The ethical dilemmas that designers face in sensitive design situations are situated, dynamic, diverse, unpredictable, and occur in-action. Yet, it is a complex field with little in situ support for designers who intend to involve users in sensitive design situations, and high complexity and risk increase the need to understand ethics in these situations. Consequently, this thesis intends to answer the question: How can users be involved in sensitive design situations?

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DDI Students Visit Semcon

Forty DDI students visited the Semcon office at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Semcon showcased their facilities and presented some of their digital design work that they were currently engaged in. The students also met the design manager of Semcon as well as several interaction designers who talked about their work and their personal journeys from students to consultants.

sem3 sem4 sem5

Text: Jesper Lund Foto: Esbjörn Ebbesson

SISA 2017 Conference at Halmstad University

SISA (The Swedish Information Systems Academy) is a national organisation for all Informatics departments in Sweden. This year Halmstad University chaired the annual conference on October 18-19, lead by the chair of SISA 2016/2017 Maria Åkesson. An important goal with SISA is to discuss the development of Informatics in Sweden. This year the SISA conference focused on (among other things) evaluation of PhD education, national collaboration around education, gender and equality integration in education and research, and the role of Informatics in the age of digitalization, to mention a few themes. Students from the bachelor programs Digital Design and Innovation and Enterprise Information Systems attended with posters. At the conference the winners of the Börje Langefors prize for the best dissertation in Informatics, and the prize for best pedagogical achievement were announced.
Erik Perjons and Ilia Bider (prize winners), Stockholm University, and Jonas Sjöström (nominee), Uppsala University. (Not in the picture – Christina Keller, chair of the prize committee). Photo: MARIA ÅKESSON

Erik Perjons and Ilia Bider (prize winners), Stockholm University, and Jonas Sjöström (nominee), Uppsala University. (Not in the picture – Christina Keller, chair of the prize committee).
Photo: Maria Åkesson Text: Magnus Bergqvvist & Maria Åkesson

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