Monthly Archives: September 2018

Magnus Bergquist – Faculty Opponent at Luleå University of Technology

September 26 Magnus Bergquist was faculty opponent at Luleå University of Technology when Ali Padyab successfully defended his thesis ”Exploring Impacts of Secondary Information Use on Individual Privacy”.

Standing from left to right: Professor Netta Iivari, University of Oulu, committee member; Docent Riitta Hekkala, Alto University, committee member; Professor Tero Päivärinta, Luleå University of Technology co-supervisor; Doctor Ali Padyab, Luleå University of Technology respondent; Professor Magnus Bergquist, Halmstad University, opponent; Professor Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstad University, committee member; Professor Anna Ståhlbröst, Luleå University of Technology, main supervisor.

Pontus Wärnestål – Get Your Gear in Order – Building a Toolbox for the Future

Pontus Wärnestål’s talk on From Business to Buttons, on May 15 2018 in Stockholm. From Business to Buttons is the meeting place for everyone who wants hands-on advice on how to generate business value by creating great user experiences.

Utbildningsradion/Kunskapskanalen featured several talks on digital design, where Pontus Business to Buttons talk was featured at 10:35. Watch the episode here.

Listen to an interview with Pontus on Service Design for the future, and how we can design our own design tools has been released on The Weak Spot podcast:

LittleFish Runs Workshops with ESP

Students at the Enterprise Systems Program frequently get acquainted with different kinds of current ERP systems. On september 13th, alumni Jessica Hesselgren och Victoria Hellquist at Little Fish visited our 2nd year students to introduce SAP Business One. Program Director Christer Rehnström is seen in the second picture, introduced to the system by Gunnar Thomassen, Solution Adviser at SAP Danmark and Information Services Consultant.