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Easter Greetings

We have done EMC related measurements of broom-sticks that might be used for traveling to Blockula (Blåkulla in modern Swedish), over the Easter holidays.  The results indicates very low values of EM-related radiation!

Easter Greetings

ECH and its staff whishes a relaxing Easter Holiday!

Würth Elektronic – Press-Fit Technology

Today we had an presentation from Würth about Press-Fit. So what is Press-Fit ?

As a solder free fastening technology, press-fit technology frequently offers an attractive alternative to simple soldering technology. An effective electrical press-fit connection is created by pressing a pin into the plated through hole of a circuit board and – as part of cold welding process – generating a gas-tight electrical connection.

The trough-hole plating for a press-fit system is essentially made in the same way as are the holes for accepting components for THT soldering. Thus there are no changes required in the pcb manufacturing process. One outstanding characteristic of the press-fit system compared to the soldering system is that it produces not only an electrical connection but also an extraordinarily strong mechanical connection between the inserted components and the pcb.


R&S fundamentals of Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Network Analyzers seminar

Invitation to R&S fundamentals of Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Network Analyzers seminar in Linköping, Jönköping and Halmstad

Rohde & Schwarz is offering a free half – day fundamentals seminar on the practical use and understanding of spectrum analyzers and vector network analyzers within the RF and Microwave industry.
The seminar is designed for engineers or graduates that are new to the field of RF and Microwave, or those already experienced in the field that require a brush up to improve understanding and efficiency in their day to day work.
As well as covering the fundamental aspects, the seminar will also introduce some of the capabilities within modern signal and spectrum analyzer and vector network analyzer platforms.
Topics to be covered include but not limited to:
  • Fundamentals, classic principles and key performance
  • Basic building blocks, user settings and applications
  • Modern analyzers
8:30–9:00   Coffee and registration
9:00-12:30  Demystifying SA and VNA including coffee break
(A more detailed agenda will follow.)

Dates & Locations

November 20 – Linköping – Teknikringen 9
November 21 – Jönköping – RC Hotel Sports & Business, Mässvägen 6
November 22 – Halmstad – Halmstad Högskola, Wigforssalen, Hus J


Register by sending an e-mail to or call 08-605 19 00.
Best regards,
Rohde & Schwarz Sverige AB
08-605 19 00