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Publish open access via Springer Compact

We are now a member of the newly established national pilot agreement Springer Compact. In short, the agreement means that scientists affiliated to HH has access to about 1700 Springer journals, and that HH researchers who publish in these journals do not pay any author fees, so-called APC fees. APC costs are covered by the national agreement and publications are freely available.

Read more about the agreement

A new routine for booking group rooms

grouprooms-300x266Previously, to create a booking you had to add your email-address and verify your booking by clicking a link in an email sent from the system.

What´s new?

This setup was a bit of a hassle. Luckily, the new way of creating a booking rids you of this hassle. To create a booking you now simply login with your usual login-credentials provided by the University, add a booking display name and submit your booking.

Your booking becomes active instantly. There is no need to verify your booking.

Go to the booking system

Return books after opening hours

bokinkastDue to various reasons, mainly security, we haven´t been able to have a return box accessible from outside the library.

But with the addition of the new entrance to the library a return-box was also added.

You´ll find the return-box on the left-hand side of the entrance. The box has it´s set measurements. Should your item not fit, don´t  try and force i down the slot. We suggest you return it while we are opened insted!