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Radar system workshop

Today we had a workshop regarding future radar systems specifically focus on co-existents’ of many radar and communication systems within the same spectrum range. The workshop was led by Hans Hellsten (SAAB, and adj. prof. Halmstad University). Except technical challenges the financing of a national radar system research program was initiated. My personal belief is that this technology area is of great importance in the future, especially considering radar in future cars (especially considering autonomous cars) and as an important sensor in many future Internet of Things applications. I really believe that it is utterly important that some of the research funding agencies actually take on this responsibility and fund research activities in this area  to preserve existent knowledge and increase the research in the area of radar systems to strengthen Swedish industrial competiveness in a wide range of application areas.


ECH constructionsite January to August 2015

During the period of January to August 2015 the new test facility was under construction. Starting with the concrete slab that was moulded in January  2015.

2015-01-21 10.17.28-1Pichture of: Urban Bilstrup

The roof was raised in February

2015-02-06 11.18.04Pichture of: Urban Bilstrup

and walls.

2015-02-10 10.19.05Pichture of: Urban Bilstrup

Here comes the steel plates to the chamber

2015-06-08 09.40.05Pichture of: Urban Bilstrup

some tricky manouvering takes place when the packages is moved insied the building.

2015-06-08 09.42.01Pichture of: Urban Bilstrup

3 meter measuring range in place

ECH Elektronikcentrum i Halmstad - 20150713 - joachimbrink - 012Pichture of: Joachim Brink

and sheilded room

ECH Elektronikcentrum i Halmstad - 20150713 - joachimbrink - 025Pichture of: Joachim Brink

and here is the happy team behind ECH test centre.

untitledPichture of: Roland Thörner


embedded conference scandinavia (ECS) 2014

Halmstad University was well represented at ECS 2014, at the action arena two out of three events was arranged by Halmstad University. As well phd students as graduate students was angaged in demos of autonomous quadracopter as dancing neo robots promoting as EIS industrial graduate school as the “master program in computer engineering (civilingenjör i datateknik).


ECH Seminare 7 october: Printed Electronics 101

Neil Chilton  from Printed Electronics Limited U.K. gave the tutorial “Printed Electronics 101 – an overview of inkjet and additive manufacturing methods”. A six hour tutorial which clearly gave me a deeper insight in possibilities and challenges with inkjet printing and additive manufacturing methods for production of electronics. Neils tutorial goes through inkjet printing (material deposition) five basic elemnts: ink(s), inkjet head(s), substrate(s), functionalisation and the platform(machine). The inkjet system’s function is: to deliver the right amount of ink; meassured in carefully dispensed drops,; as accurately as possible; to a substrate that is in motion with resepect to the head; all in a one millimeter journey between the head and the substrate. Clearly this is a challenge!