Monthly Archives: November 2018

Digital Design and AI Podcasting

Vinnova is now investing in nine pilot projects in which universities will produce short courses for professional specialists. Professional development during ones work-life is becoming increasingly important for Sweden’s competitiveness and innovation capacity.

The project Digital Design and AI Podcasting is developed by Pontus Wärnestål and Stefan Byttner at ITE, in collaboration with RISE Viktoria, Digital Reliance and inUse/ÅF. HPC is assisting with pedagogic matters.

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A Human Approach to Designing Future Cities and Intelligent Cars

The arrival of autonomous vehicles in our society will significantly change the way we travel. But should we, and our cities, adapt to new urban mobility or can technology be tailored for us? A new Drive Sweden project hosted by Halmstad University combines experimental prototyping and testing of intelligent services for urban development and autonomous vehicles, with participatory and human centred research.

”We need to design with rather than for the users, and we need research models that address this shift”, says Vaike Fors, Associate Professor in Pedagogy at Halmstad University.

The project leaders are gathered during the first out of four workshops. From the left: Vaike Fors, Associate Professor at Halmstad University, Susanne Duval, strategic infrastructure planner at Helsingborg City, Patrik Palo, Senior UX strategy advisor at Volvo Cars and Suzanne Andersson, strategic infrastructure planner at Gothenburg City.

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