månadsarkiv: januari 2017

Nordic Aphasia Conference in Copenhagen – here I come!

The Nordic Aphasia Conference will take place in Copenhagen in June, and I just received news that I will be presenting a poster!

The title of my poster is ”Online and offline re-negotiation of identity when living with post-stroke aphasia” and hopefully I will get interesting and challenging questions from the other attendees. Looking forward!

I also look forward to meeting some of the people I met in London last December. Great people doing great research!


Nordisk konferens om funktionshinder, Örebro maj 2017

I maj anordnar nätverket Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR) en konferens med rubriken ”Living with disability”. Det blir den 14:e upplagan av konferensen och den äger rum i Örebro den här gången.

Jag kommer hålla en muntlig presentation om min forskning under konferensen, vilket jag ser fram emot. Rubriken för min presentation är ”Online and offline re-negotiation of self when living with post-stroke aphasia”. Jag hoppas få många intressanta frågor och kommentarer!


Types of #aphasia (National Aphasia Association)

So, what is aphasia, again? Well, aphasia comes in many types. Depending on the cerebral location and severity of the brain injury, the linguistic consequences vary.

The National Aphasia Association (US) has put together a graphic presentation of different types of aphasia, based on if the speech is fluent, if the person can understand what others say and if the person can repeat words or phrases. On their website, the types are also described more in detail. Very informative, don’t you think?

Worth noting, though, is that the terms ”Broca’s” anda ”Wernicke’s” aphasia are being critiqued.

Btw, have you seen the two YouTube videos I recommended earlier?