Some pictures from our everyday life

Hey everyone, I’ve been having internet troubles for the last couple of days at the office. This has made my blog posts rather boring considering the layout unfortunately as the pictures refuse to upload. Today however I will sit here all day and retry until the photos get on this blog! I want to show you some pictures from our everyday life here.


Making coffe the Albanian style with small pots that boil the espresso. And breakfast is usually fresh fruits (they are soo cheap!) together with one of their amazing dairy products: milk, cottage cheese or youghurt.



celebrating an orthodox easter togehter with my roommate Anastasia from Belarus. In the morning we went to got the red colored eggs blessed in the church by holy water. We then ate them and put the egg shells in our wallets for good luck. We had 8 eggs each that day!
We celebrated our flatmate Tylors 26 birthday togheter with some of the 120 american peace corps volunteers from all over Albania. This is our livingroom.

IMG_1178  IMG_1171

IMG_1158 IMG_1189

Celebrating of the World Heritage day 18th of April up on the castle. The regional director of National culture Albert Kasi and municipality shaking hands on some agreement of front of camera teams. Kids from a local school spent the day cleaning the castle by picking rubbish.


Anastasia is the intern at CHwB and she wants to put a view chart in the castle where you can point out houses of interest. We were there with a map to try and make out which houses were which. Tricky!

IMG_1191  IMG_1201

Spring is coming! We went for the first time on a walk around the areas at the back of the Castle, Dunuvat area for example

 IMG_1206 IMG_1208

We found a orthodox church in the old old bazaar, even older than the old bazaar (haha) The houses overgrown by trees sticking out from the stone walls.

IMG_1213 IMG_1215


Over the bridge to the other side of town where life is still lived the old way. Donkeys, chickens and cows in the streets


IMG_1242 IMG_1235


Old houses, view over the castle and a mountain of trash – There is no waste management in Gjirokastra. There are dumpsters that are emptied over the sides down the mountain sides.


Going back home!




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