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Orientation days at Korea University

Since I arrived quite early in Seoul I had been able to visit the campus and taken a look around more than once but even so, when the first day of orientation came my heart was beating fast and my mouth started to become dry as I walked towards the area circled out on the digital map on my phone. All were signs of anxiety and excitement, a terrible mix which together with the hot weather made me sweat and feel cold at the same time.

(Picture: Main Gate of Korea University)

Something I really was thankful for however was that Korea University has a buddy program for exchange and visiting students, which means that I had already been contacted by a Korean girl named Choi Go-Eun who made sure that I knew all the necessary times and dates for the orientation as well as asking me if I needed any other help. Even if I did not need much more help than to know exactly how to get to the building, it was a comfort to know that I had someone who was familiar with the city, school and language that could help out if I ever needed anything.

(Picture: Campus Tour, Main Hall)

After the formal introductions had been made, the groups were put in the hand of the Korean buddies who then took us on a Campus tour, helped us with email registration, as well as took us to lunch in one of the University’s cafeterias.

(Picture: Meat with Korean side dishes, banchan; Sigeumchi-Naul, Kimchi & Kkakdugi)

The second day of orientation was very peculiar. The first thing we needed to do was to sign up for a Student ID card which would also be used as a bank card. We received a big  pile of papers which needed to be signed, all written in Korean. ”Sign here, date here, name here” was probably the line I heard the most that day and in the end I wasn’t even sure if I had just signed up for a Student ID card or for something completely different, oh well, we can only hope for the best.