Field trip to Gwanghwamun square & Gwangjang market

Last Saturday it was time for our buddy group’s first field trip and what seemed to start like any other ”normal” field trip, later ended in for some people, terror.

Gwanghwamun square is an historical symbolic square where the statue of King Sejong is the main focus, however, as much as I love to learn about history, the thing that caught my attention most that day was the food we got to try once we reached Gwanjang market.

 IMG_2034 IMG_2044 IMG_2065 IMG_2079 IMG_2090 IMG_2093

Having sacrificed my breakfast for 10 more minutes in front of the mirror I was quite ready for lunch once we reached Gwangjang market, a traditional food market with all kinds of foods. We split up into smaller groups and took off to find a place to eat in the crowded area, and when we finally made it to the first restaurant, we had some Sundae (순대), and no, not the ice cream kind but something very different. It is actually Korean blood sausage and I will leave it at that.


I’m pretty sure our Korean buddies were having fun watching a bunch of foreigners react to eating all of this unfamiliar food as they munched on the same happily because after that we were taken to the second round of food, and this is where some people did not manage to hold back their horror.


Sannakji (산낙지) & Yukhoe (육회) as are seen in the pictures above are raw octupus and meat served fresh with one sauce each and enjoyed after being dipped in the sauces. The octopus was so fresh it was still moving on the plate, a very interesting experience. Although the taste was not spectacular, it did not actually taste much more than saltwater, the experience of eating something so fresh was thrilling. I’m glad there were no vegetarians present in our group, or I would have felt very uncomfortable.

IMG_2100That was all for this time! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.



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