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Outside hotspring

Hot springs in Tianjin

IMG_4580Last weekend me, my roommate Liza and another girl from Ukraine took a trip to some hot springs just outside of Tianjin. It was a chance to discover the outskirts of Tianjin and breathe some fresh air.

Now, getting there was the trickiest part, we knew where to get on the bus, but the bus didn’t have a number and no scheduled arrival time, so we went there and then we waited. After 30 minutes a bus without a number arrived and what do you know, it was the right one. The buss ride took about an hour and we got to see what I first thought was the ocean, but turned oOutside hotspringut it was just one really big reservoir, with people fishing along the banks and just enjoying themselves. Turned out the hot springs wasn’t out in the middle of nowhere, but in a hotel. We were happy to be there though and Liza had even bought a typical Chinese bathing suit, meaning a dress-looking colourful thing that makes you look like an ice-skating ballerina.

Once we entered we where overwhelmed with the unlimited choices of hot springs to choose from. There was hot springs with beer, coffee, tomato, milk, pineapple, green tea flavour, all good for your health of course. You could choose to stay outside or inside the tropical greenhouse. My favourite was the mint and the apricot bath, it smelled amazing and the water had this green and orange colour.  The buffet was included, with a somewhat odd mixture of food, but it all tasted good. Then we had some massage and when it comes to Chinese massage, don’t expect it to be all nice and relaxing, no, no, they pretty much beat you up and when you leave you feel like you’ll have bruises all over, but in an hour or two, you feel super good and it’s all worth it. And let’s face it, for 80 Swedish crowns, you can’t complain. It is funny how people confuse Sweden with Switzerland, even after I explain that they are two different countries. To them there is no diffmy room-mate Lizaerence. I’ve been told I look Russian, French, Italian and American, never Swedish. Last week someone asked me if I was from Tanzania..must be my dark hair. After a nice relaxing day we then headed for the buss that took us back to Tianjin.

The pollution has been really bad lately, so bad I decided to buy a mask. not sure how much it helps though, but I feel better when I wear it. Tomorrow there are some people from Halmstad Högskola coming to visit me and Nankai University and next weekend we are meeting up in Chengdu to visit a former collegue of ours. Chengdu is in the Sichuan province, middle of China and it’s famous for it’s panda breeding reservate. I can’t wait, 30 degrees here I come!