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Next we’ll do a Christmas theme

Studying Environmental Law and Management here and China I have learned a few things; The Chinese make really high-tech PPPts (Power Point Presentations), you are expected to criticize your classmates on every tiny detail, you should have a lot of text on each slide and read every word on every slide in a monotone voice, finally, if you are a foreigner, you really just need to show up for class and that’s it. Did I do well on my presentation? You bet.

New nails, next time we do a Christmas theme

New nails, next time we do a Christmas theme

I wasn’t that nervous to be honest, I was more concerned that they wouldn’t understand me, since the teacher had requested that I spoke English for my presentation. My Power Point was in Chinese though, so they could take a peek if they didn’t quite understand me. I took the opportunity to talk 0a little bit about Sweden in general and point it out on the map, just to make sure they knew I wasn’t talking about Switzerland. I did my thing, they asked me a few question and then it was over. The other groups took a bit more serious than me and had prepared 60 pages long presentations, so the 20min time limit went out the window pretty quickly. I noticed that the teacher was a lot tougher towards the Chinese students, but I felt that she gave them really good advice and not just critique. Glad to have done my first presentation here at Nankai!

New favorite snack: peanut bars!

New favorite snack: peanut bars!

On Tuesday I had my first manicure ever, being that I climb and do a lot of horseback riding in Sweden, it seemed quite pointless to do one, but here I don’t do a lot of “manual work” so I thought, why not? Claire and me found a place in a shopping mall and I decided to go for a greenish colour, I wanted something that popped. It was quite relaxing just sitting there, having a chat with the girls helping us. One of them was from Haerbin, a city far up north. She thought the weather was still warm, compared to the weather in Haerbin where they have a famous ice festival everywhere. It’s kind of like the ice hotel in Jokkasjärvi, Sweden, but an entire city. After that we went to drink some nice, warm hot chocolate, much needed in this windy weather.

Here we eat chestnuts as snacks, yum!

Here we eat chestnuts as snacks, yum!

One of radiators has been broken for a while and today they came and fixed, very much appreciated! Right now it’s about -1 to -2 during the day, but in the evening it’s really cold. Tomorrow we are off to IKEA, finally! I really miss Salmon, other than that, I don’t really have any other cravings for typical Swedish food. It’s always nicely decorated in IKEA as well, it helps you get into the christmas spirit!


First week of lessons, wow!

Dear all,

Having just completed my first week of lessons in: Environmental Law & Managament, Industrial Ecology and picked a topic for my essay: The Three Gorges Dam, I know feel like I am finally starting to adjust to Tianjin.

My first lesson was this Monday and I arrived not really knowing what to expect. I was the only foreigner and with that came the usual whispers and curious glances which I am now, quite used to and usually just ignore. And then it began..wow! The teacher spoke really fast, lots of new words and I understood about half of it. I was not surprised. This is University level Chinese, it is bound to be difficult even for the Chinese. I know I have a lot of studying to do, but I am excited and it was nice to meet some new people. I got to know some of the girls, actually there was only 12 of us in this course, so I feel like I have a chance to get to know them a bit better. Most of them are around 20-22, so they are a bit younger than me, but they are very interested and want to know a lot about Sweden, which they most of the time confuse with Switzerland (everyone does), but that happens all the time here.

Later that they I had a meeting with my professor Zhu Lin and other students with the same major as me and we sat down to discuss what topics we had picked for our essays. Our professor was very helpful and came with good advice. I will write mine in English, but I am expected to write a summary and an introduction in Chinese, so I will have to put some effort into it. I will write about The Three Gorges Dam, a very controversial subject here in China, so I am looking forward to get started. Later in the evening we all went out for some Hotpot and I got to know the students a bit better. I rode a bike in the traffic for the first time, scary! I think I will buy a bike though, the campus is so big and it is easier to get around with a bike.

Yesterday it was my roommate’s birthday, so we celebrated by going to Starbucks of all places and had a cup of coffee and some cheesecake. There has been a lot of Starbucks lately, but it is so nice and quiet there, so it is a good study environment. I also joined in on some Chinese grammar lessons for the highest level students at the Foreign Languages Department. I feel like I really need some repetition and the teacher was really good, so I will try to join in every week from now on.

This weekend I am visiting a friend in Beijing that is working at the Swedish embassy in Sanlitun, we have not seen each other for a year, so it was nice to do some catch-up. Tonight we are having dinner at her place and later we are going to a club for some dancing. This time I will not upload any pictures, however, tomorrow I will give you all the juicy details and some nice pictures with that.

Until tomorrow!