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forbidden city

Beijing, long time no see

So, after a long journey with a short stop in Doha, Qatar, I have finally arrived in Beijing. The weather is nice, about 25 degrees, but it feels like 30. My hostel is located in a nice quiet area, near the Lama Temple, surrounded by Hutongs (small traditional brick houses). Yesterday I took a trip down memory lane, visiting the first school I ever went to in China; House of Mandarin, at Dawanglu, South Beijing. Beijing, long time no see.

Dawanglu is a very fancy area, the buildings are modern and the stores are Gucci and Marc Jacobs and for a while, I thought this was what the rest of Beijing looked like. We lived in nice 20-store building and ate out everyday at the fooda park somewhere in Beijing court. Thinking back, I now realize I rarely came in contact with Chinese culture-or people, I never left the safe sphere of Dawanglu. Now when I walk the same streets I think back of all the good times we had, but I am glad my perspective have widened and I know really appreciate Beijing for being so ”Chinese”.

Today I went back to my old University: Beijing Foreign Studies University, just to have a look at the campus and see what had changed and if our old favorite places were still there. Some of my favorite restaurants were gone, but that was not really surprising, restaurants changes quickly in this area. It was nice to see my old student dorm; Bailou, meaning ”white building”, and I had a look at some of the newly built faculties.

Tonight I am heading for Sanlitun to meet up with some old friends that are now living in Beijing. Sanlitun is a bar-area where a lot of foreigners come to have fun and go clubbing. It is not my favorite area, but there are a lot of good restaurants and some cozy bars. Tomorrow I will try to find an indoor climbing place located fairly close to where I live, meaning I only have to change once in the subway. We will see how that goes..And on Monday it is off to Tianjin.

dumplings (jiaozi)

typical food served in north of China

It is tricky to find a place with good Wifi, but I have managed to find a café with fairly good connection, so I try to get as much done as I possibly can while I am here. As some of you might know, Facebook does not work in China, unless you have a VPN-tunnel, which I plan to get my hands on as soon as I get to Tianjin. Meanwhile I am dead to the world of Facebook and live out my life through this blog, lucky for you guys right?