Things are coming to an end

The exams are over, a useful experience, now I know what it’s like to take exams in China, how many people can say that? Only 1,3 billion…

second main building

second main building

The exams were very similar to exams in Sweden; only the actual test has a different layout. I’m not sure when I’ll receive the results, but there were only fifteen of us taking these two exams, so I’m hoping I’ll know before I go back home, which is next week, yikes! I’m happy that it’s over so I can focus on my final presentation. I’m going to Beijing this week to present my paper for the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, then it’s time to pick a new topic for my Bachelor essay, which might be the last essay I’ll ever write, who knows?


Life in the new apartment has its daily pace; I go in to the city centre pretty much everyday, since there is no internet in our place, I’ve started to buy things that I plan to take with me back home and I also plan to send some things by air mail back to Sweden. It’s not super expensive and takes about a month. I feel like I’ll just come back with a lot of food and to be honest, that is what I’ll miss the most. I woke up this morning by fireworks outside the window, great. Turned out there was a funeral and to “celebrate”, they decided that fireworks at 7 in the morning were a GREAT idea. Fireworks are a Chinese “thing” and since we moved in here last Friday, we’ve heard fireworks go off twice and they’re pretty loud.

I'm really going to miss the food here

I’m really going to miss the food here

When I’m in Beijing this Friday I thought I’d get a tattoo, might as well you know? My friend Lindsey will accompany me and provide support, since this will be my first one. After that we’re meeting at her place for some homemade Hotpot. I also plan to visit one of the many markets in Beijing and buy some shoes and clothes. People often ask me if it’s cheap in China and yes, certain things like food and fake shoes and clothes, are really cheap. However, if you want the real thing, prices are pretty much the same as back home.

Big salads at La Bamba

Big salads at La Bamba



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