Last weekend in Beijing. For now.

My last weekend in Beijing is coming to an end and as I sit here writing this, I’m waiting for Lindsey, who will come with me to the tattoo parlour for my very first tattoo.


This Friday I met up with Si Gao who is working for the Swedish Environmental Research here in Beijing. We had a very inspiring conversation about the topic for my next project for them, this time it looks like I’ll be writing about Wetlands. She also wants to come to Halmstad University and look at some of the projects we have here. Very exciting!

The bar with it's very own loft

The bar with it’s very own loft

This time I was staying with my friend Beatrice and her boyfriend Ted, they lived on the 20th floor in a cozy apartment that just happend to have an extra guest room available, how fortunate. We went to have some dinner at a nice Hunan restaurant, before we headed to a bar named Revolution that is famous for its many posters of Mao Zedong and the frequent visits from embassy people. It’s a small place, but the atmosphere is good. After that we headed towards Guloudajie, which is a Hutong area that has a lot of nice bars. We were fortunate enough to geta ride from our friend Yuxin and this was the first time I was in a car that wasn’t a taxi in China, which would explain why I kept looking for the taxameter. We found a bar in one of the Hutongs with a nice loft that you had to use a ladder to access. We had a nice view of one of the old bell towers and walked around for a bit in the area before we went to the next place. Outside one of the bars the was a young boy of, I would guess 10, standing with a beer in his hand. He appeared to be very intoxicated and I couldn’t help but ask where his parents were and if he needed some help. Turned out he wasn’t drunk, he was just acting so that people would give him money. Sad, very sad.

Miriam and Yuxin

Miriam and Yuxin

On Saturday we went to have some hotpot at Lindsey’s place, we all helped to chop vegetables and prepare all the ingredients. What a feast! I finally got to meet my friend Tim, which I hadn’t seen for 3 years. He had just gotten backfrom Taiwan and is currently doing his Master in linguistics. In the evening it started snowing, which was quite nice, I really miss snow. We went to a bar (yes, there are a lot of bars in Beijing) called By the tree which just happend to be next to The tree to meet up with Ted’s friend and celebrate his birthday. All in all a very good evening.

Me and Beatrice

Me and Beatrice

Today I’m getting my tattoo and hopefully I’ll have time to do some shopping before I go back to Tianjin.

The "hotpot gang" at Lindsey's place

The ”hotpot gang” at Lindsey’s place




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