Everyone is going home, except for the Chinese and me

If you are an exchange student, congratulations, your exams are done and now it’s time to go back home. This week a lot of people have left and next will be pretty much the same. Everyone is leaving except for the Chinese, and me.


Yoga class

That is the way it is here, at some point people are going back home, doesn’t matter if they’ve been here for one year or five years, at some point you go back home. It seems that China isn’t a place where you settle down; it’s a place where you spend a certain amount of time before deciding what to do next. This week I had lunch with Lisa and Steve from Australia, both of them are going back home next week. They had originally planned to stay longer, but felt that they needed a break and breathe some fresh air. I must admit I feel I need a break as well, I get annoyed easily these days, it’s enough if someone just looks at me for a few seconds longer than necessary for me to roll my eyes and become annoyed. I guess I’m tired of not blending in, but the thing is, you can live here for the rest of your life and never blend in, you will always stand out. Anyway, it was nice to have dinner with Lisa and Steve, it’s interesting to hear about Australia, apparently it’s 44°c in Perth at the moment, which I cannot even imagine what that feels like. Tomorrow we are going to have a massage and do some KTV one last time.

New rules

New rules

After yoga class on Thursday, I met up with Andrew, a new friend of mine from Russia. He lives right at the centre of Tianjin on the 26th floor, in one of the many skyscrapers here. He told me that you can rent an apartement here for just two hours, you know, if you have someone you want to meet wit in secret, he winked at me. About 30% of the apartments here are used for that purpose. Anyhow, we later met up with some of his friends and headed for Sitong. I was the first one to go back home, so I missed all the drama, but apparently one of Andrew’s friends punched one of the bouncers in the face and ended up in prison. I whish I could say that is uncommon, but unfortunatley not, it happens a lot here.


Liza has been having some problems with one of her new bosses at work, apparently she coms up with new rules everyday that they have to follow and she showed me one of her latest notes given to her about sick-leave. Apparently you have to call in at least one day before to let them know that ypu are sick, but as Liza tried to explain it, you don’t really plan when you get sick and therefore it’s hard to let you now in advance. Now Liza has been suspended for two days for talking back to a superior. It just seems crazy to me.


I’ve seen some funny signs lately with some strange spelling, enjoy!


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